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Handle Lock, Cylinder Cabinet Lock, Electronic Lock, Rod Control Lock, Panel Lock
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Ningbo Shengjiu Cabinets Lock Co., Ltd.

Factory Add.: Dayin Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China
Tel.: +86-0574-87845333
Fax: +86-0574-87872762
Contact Person: Ms. Tiffany Kong
E-mail: sales@shengjiu.com


Shengjiu North American Distributor

Cabinet Lock Manufacturer

Shengjiu Cabinet Lock Co., Ltd. is a Chinese maker that is fully committed to the development, production, and marketing of industrial cabinet locks and processing hardware. Our company offers products such as the hinge, handle, door stop, rubber seal, cylinder cabinet lock, electronic lock, rod control lock, and the toggle latch hasp.
Since our inception in 1984, we have attained more than 40 product patents. Shengjiu offers personalized designs without compromising quality. Each stage of our manufacturing cycle is meticulously handled. Take mold crafting, for instance, an integral part of our production procedure. We have professional mold designers and advanced processing equipment including the CNC machine, CNC engraving machine, COMWEB2000 electrical pulse machine, etc.
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